Posted by: Jennifer | January 31, 2010

A picture worth a thousand memories

After an hour of playing with every picture editor I could find on my computer, I finally changed the “header”—the sunrise picture across the top of my blog.  If you count the hour  that I spent at a friend’s house receiving a free blog tutorial plus this last hour at home, I have some serious time invested in that header!  But, changing that picture was very important to me. 

You see, back in September some wonderful friends invited us to spend the long weekend at their house in the Florida Keys.  At the time, we were in the midst of a 2-year battle with a rare infection that had taken up residence in my eldest daughter’s mastoid bone (the bone behind her ear).  She had already endured two painful surgeries and was facing another in a few days when we received the invitation.  The only problem:  we couldn’t go.  To receive her IV meds, our little girl had a PICC line, a catheter inserted into her left arm that ran all the way to her heart.  Due to the proximity of the line to her heart, we had a laundry list of precautions, including keeping her dressing dry and no excessive sweating.  We knew taking a child to the Florida Keys and telling her she couldn’t sweat or get wet would have been tantamount to cruelty, so we turned down the invitation.

On the Thursday before that long weekend, my daughter was deftly walking through the house—she had had weeks of practice—carrying her IV pole with her free arm, when I heard a screech and clatter, followed by “Oh no!  Oh no!  Oh no!”  I ran out and stared without comprehension at the PICC line—no longer in her arm, but laying on the carpet.   We called the doctor, we called the nurse, we stopped short of calling 911 (thank goodness).  Children, I learned, were liable to rip their PICC lines out—it was quite common…

After many phone calls and call-backs, her doctors decided since she was only a few days from another surgery, they would just leave the line out and thus allow her body to rest.  I called my husband, and his first words were simply, “Well, now we can go to the Keys!”  And go to the Keys we did!

On our first morning there, I woke up early and sat out on the patio with my Bible in one hand and cup of tea in the other.  The fact that God knew how desperately our entire family needed a break from all things medical struck me as magnificent.  The fact that He knew a little girl needed to run and sweat and get wet before another surgery overwhelmed me.  And there, while I was praising and thanking Him, the sun rose, a beautiful picture of promises fulfilled.  Right then, I snapped this picture—a  picture that remains a stunning reminder of God’s loving hand on every aspect of my life and the life of my precious child.  So, what better picture to place at the head of this blog than one that brings to mind God’s loving care of His own?


  1. Love the picture, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing your story. It’s a good reminder of all the blessings that God sends our way, even the little ones, and in ways we don’t expect or understand at first.

  2. Jennifer,
    I love your header. Not just because of the beauty I see, but most of all, the beauty of Christ it stands for. We serve a faithful God who knows our every need.
    I look forward to your blog and will continue to pray for your daughter. In the end, may Christ be glorified through this trial with her.
    P.S. Welcome to “blog world!” 🙂

  3. I love the picture! Beautiful! I can see why you worked hard at posting it. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s a good reminder of how good God is at providing, even for the littlest things, and of how he can provide, even in ways we don’t expect or like at first!

  4. BEAUTIFUL! God is so good!

    • Thank you, everyone. Wonderful to keep those memories alive where we see God’s direct intervention in our lives. That story is one of my top 10 reminders that God truly supplies our every need!

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