Posted by: Jennifer | February 1, 2010

Missing my tea cup and other sob stories

Today was colored a dull, fuzzy, grey – compliments of yet another migraine.  I managed the day in segments by spending some quality time with my icepack when the pain reached the “I-can’t-function” phase.  Thankfully, that worked, and although I am still dull, fuzzy, and feeling confused (please don’t check my IQ right now), I made it without having to call for any reinforcements.

I’m in the middle of reading the book, Heal Your Headache.  The 1.2.3. Program for Taking Charge of your Pain, and I’ve decided I’m going to pull out all the stops and follow that program as closely as possible.  Guess what this means?  Cutting out more foods…The book has a laundry list of possible migraine triggers.  The good news?   Due to my many food intolerances, I’ve already cut out the majority of them.  The bad news?   No more chocolate, at least not for a couple of months.  Ghirardelli dark chocolate chip stock is about to plummet.

About a week ago, a wonderful lady responded to my migraine article on the website and suggested I cut out all caffeine.   Cutting caffeine cut out her migraines, so one week ago, I spent a day in bed with a migraine, and what I can only assume was full-blown caffeine withdrawal.  Now, I’m a tea drinker, and you wouldn’t think that the amount of caffeine in tea could do such a thing to a person, but I guess when you live with a cup of dark, hot, black tea in your hand all day long, it adds up. 

The first few days were very difficult, but I am so tired of migraines controlling my otherwise happy days, that I’ve kept it up.  Yesterday was my best day – I had so much energy, I couldn’t believe it.  Today, unfortunately, was just the opposite, but when in life is anything smooth sailing? 

Now, according to the book, once I achieve “headache control”, I can slowly start adding back the trigger foods which means there is chocolate in my future.  But, back to that food list – no citrus, no nuts, no raisins….and just what is a gluten/dairy intolerant person supposed to snack on?  Something, I guess, but that’s not the focus, the focus is a day, a week, a month, and maybe even a year without a migraine.  I figure I lose about 2 months out of every year to headaches, just think how much more I could write if that didn’t occur!!!

Then there’s the medicine.  According to the doctor who wrote the book, most migraine medicines cause rebound headaches.  For now, the best way to prevent that is to ride out the pain without any significant meds.  This will actually save me a lot of money (have you priced a single Imitrex pill lately?) and will prevent a lot of nasty side effects, so I’m on board. The first day I had the headache without meds, my husband was home and kindly rotated my ice packs out for me all day.  Today wasn’t as severe.  Maybe there is clear-headed hope in my near future….I’ll keep you posted!


  1. Living with migraines is a tough road. Two of my closest friends gets them often, but irregularly. I hope you figure out what works best to stem the onset of yours.

  2. Thanks, Tracy. I saw a doctor today who switched my thyroid meds, and told me to take B12 and more D…we’ll see, nice to have a clear cut game plan 🙂

  3. Dear Jennifer,
    I know your pain unfortunately all too well. Since the age of 16yrs, I suffered with migraines. I am now twenty (for the second time…he he) and with the aid of a strict diet change and lots of prayer, my migraines are less frequent…maybe once a month if that.

    Our God is rich in grace and mercy and I will continually pray that He heals you from your suffering. God bless you and your household.


    • Dear Aja,
      I am doing much better on the ultra-strict diet from the 1.2.3 Solution book. Still headaches, but they’re livable. Praying this continues….
      So glad you found how to control yours!

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