Posted by: Jennifer | February 12, 2010

A Picture Worth A Thousand Promises


Last September some wonderful friends invited us to spend Memorial weekend in the Florida Keys.  Unfortunately, however, we were in the midst of a battle with a rare infection residing in my eldest daughter’s mastoid bone.  Having already endured two painful surgeries, she was facing another the following week.  In addition, she received daily IV meds via PICC line, a catheter inserted into her left arm that ran all the way to her heart.  That line involved multiple precautions, so we turned down the invitation.

On the Thursday before Memorial weekend, my daughter was deftly walking through the house, IV pole in hand, when I heard a screech, a clatter, and a terrible wail. I ran out and stared without comprehension at the PICC line—no longer in her arm, but lying on the carpet.  After multiple phone calls, her doctors declared an “IV rest” until after surgery.  We knew just where to rest… the Florida Keys!

On our first morning there, I woke early and sat out on the patio with my Bible in hand.  The fact that God knew how desperately our entire family needed a break from all things medical struck me as magnificent.  The fact that He knew a little girl needed to run and sweat and get wet before another surgery overwhelmed me.  And there, while I was praising and thanking Him, the sun rose, a beautiful picture of promises fulfilled.  Right then, I snapped a picture—a picture that remains a stunning reminder of God’s loving hand on every aspect of our lives.


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  2. A stunning photo along with a wonderful reminder of God’s grace and how He knows what we need!

  3. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing, and the picture is beautiful.

  4. Having recently spent 5 months sharing my arm with a PICC line (and still doing regular IVs without the PICC), I felt physically ill at the thought of your daughter’s fall and the loss of her line. But my breathing became peaceful as I read how God used this frightening situation to bring about his blessings. Praying that your daughter continues to heal well, and thanking the Lord for washing us with sweet reminders of His love when we are weary!

    • Thank you, Jenni. It was a horribly frightening episode, but the night before I had prayed over my daughter’s sleeping form, begging God to have the doctors stop her meds so she could have a break. It broke my heart that she was going into surgery already weakened by weeks of treatment. Right after her line ripped out the next morning, I was so scared, and the doctor on the phone was telling me to measure the line and I measured it in centimeters instead of inches. That led to further freaking out – the line was way too short so part of it was stuck in her vein somewhere…. Thankfully, I came to my senses and turned the tape measure over to inches and it measured exactly what it should have. It wasn’t until later in the day that I realized the line ripping out was actually an amazing answer to prayer!

      I have added you to my prayer list, may God grant you healing.
      Thanks so much for sharing,

  5. This is incredible! I love this-what an awesome God we have-thank you for sharing!!

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