Posted by: Jennifer | June 5, 2010


Jill Kemerer has a wonderful writer’s blog that encourages her readers to set a Friday goal.  Everyone posts their goals and then there is an encouraging accountability that results.   You remember what you posted and then you are more apt to work on the goal.  A further encouragement is the knowledge that Jill is probably praying for you to accomplish what you have set forth to do.

Well, two weeks ago I had a goal and I was embarrassed to post it.  You see, our family was finally preparing for a vacation we had to delay for 3 years:  a trip to the glorious Abacos. And, my goal was to relinquish my fear of travel.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I used to love to travel.  It was a craving born out of a lifetime of living on different continents and being exposed to multiple cultures.  The problem?  Over the years my list of food intolerances has grown to embarrassing proportions.  Besides gluten intolerance/celiac disease, I can’t have dairy, sugar, honey, caffeine and many, many additives.  In addition, I have to be cautious with citrus, nuts, raisins, and bananas.  Consequently, sometimes when I go places I feel I have only two choices:  starve or get sick.  As we prepared, I thought of Jill’s goal for the week and I set my goal to give my fear of the trip to God.  I know that fear robs us of joy and keeps us bound in a predictable boring box.  I prayed that my body would cooperate, that our friends we were visiting would understand (I still find it hard to explain to people why they can’t double-dip their bread knife in my jar of mayo!), and that I would be able to eat without worry and enjoy our long-awaited vacation to its fullest. 

Well, I packed my personal gluten-free staples (Fearn Brown Rice Baking Mix, Quinua noodles, Silk Soy Milk, Mary’s Gone Crackers), my husband sent our friends a list of foods I could eat, and I stuffed my purse with allowable edibles to stave off hunger during the flight.

What a wonderful five days!  We snorkeled reefs and a blue hole, we swam to a deserted beach, we climbed a lighthouse and hiked over rocks surrounded by incredible views.  We saw endangered parrots, we ate fresh-caught fish, and best of all, I never got sick!  Fear wanted to keep me home, but prayer, preparation, and understanding friends allowed for the most glorious five-day trip I can remember! 

Ps 53:5  “There were thy in great fear, where no fear was…”

John 10:10  “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”



  1. Hi Jennifer. I’m so happy you had a good time with your family. People are full of fear these days and from many different reasons but “God gives us insight into situations when we pray and listen and watch. You are an inspiration to spend more time alone with Him. Keep sharing what he has shown you and blessings will come your way too many to count. 1John 4:18″ Perfect love casts out fear because fear has torment.” Trusting Jesus gives us perfect peace. Blessings, Linda Green

  2. Jenny I am very happy to read such a wonderful piece of testimony. I am so stoked to see all the wonderful photos and hear all the awesome stories.
    Hopefully you all will be able to travel and see loads of wonderful places as a family. Traveling is the ultimate teaching tool for kids…. there’s nothing like life lessons….. Why don’t you try and prepare a Celiac’s travel guide…. proper things to bring and ways to detour the dietary road blocks…. I guarantee your not alone in this fear!

  3. Thank you for mentioning my blog today. I had no idea your health problems had inhibited your love of travel. I could relate to this, because I had stomach issues off and on throughout childhood until I was finally diagnosed as lactose intolerant. Stress definitely makes everything worse. I have to be careful, and I fully understand the worry of being sick.

    I am so glad you prayed about your trip and actually enjoyed yourself! God is gracious! And I’m also very thankful we’ve connected through blogging. What a wonderful blessing.

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