Posted by: Jennifer | June 26, 2010

Pause for a View

Hole in the Wall Lighthouse


While walking out to the point at Hole in the Wall, Abaco, on our vacation a few weeks ago, I came upon a startling life lesson.  The terrain was rough – our friends called it “moon rock”—and it was rocky, porous, and sharp.  Not only did you have to watch where you stepped but how you stepped!  A good pair of tennis shoes was a must, and keeping close eye on every footfall imperative:  tripping and falling would have been painful! 

Difficult Terrain


We were trying to walk to the end of an outcrop – to where we could see the “hole in the wall.”  After awhile, my neck ached from looking down and concentrating on each painstaking step.  It was hot, progress was slow, and having drunk all the water I was carrying, I was thirsty.  I stopped to see how much progress I had made when I became fully aware of the stunning scenery surrounding me.  To my right was a rocky, untouched coastline, rounded off with a perfect half-moon-shaped beach; behind me stood the century-old lighthouse;  and,  startling clear blue water, moving and crashing into the rocks, surrounded me.  The view took my breath away.  

Heading out to the Point


View to the right


Buoyed by the scenery around me, I looked down at the rocks at my feet, ready to navigate another step, then lifted my head one more time to take in the view.  It was then I realized this was a perfect picture of life!  Problems, pitfalls, complications, choices, and workloads all weigh us down and command our attention.  We become focused solely on what’s at our feet and forget to stop, look around, and thank God for the blessings around us.   Focusing on those negatives, we forget to pause and look at the scenery.  

The "hole in the wall"



You know, the only way I could see that view was by venturing out along those rocks.  But the only way to enjoy the view, was to stop and take it in.  Today, stop and look at the scenery of your life, focus on the blessings, and you’ll find the energy and thankfulness to take the next step! 

Psalm 92:1  “It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High…” 

For more information on Hole in the Wall, go to 



  1. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful message to go with it. I’m always on the lookout for perfection. I won’t find it on earth!

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