Posted by: Jennifer | July 12, 2010


Dear Friends,
Last year July and two years ago July, both during our church’s annual Vacation Bible School, I was sending out mass emails asking everyone to pray for Sunshine, our eldest daughter.  Last year this time she was in the hospital getting another PICC line put in and her IV meds started once more.  Two years ago, she was undergoing her first of three surgeries.  Ironically, though, it was three years ago July, and also during VBS, that she walked up to me and quietly bumped my arm while I was playing the piano.  I looked up and she simply said, “My ear hurts.”  Yellow discharge was pouring from her ear marking the beginning of the worst ear infection we could  ever have imagined.
Today, however, we went to Vacation Bible School with a healthy, whole daughter!  All day long Sunshine has been saying, “I’m so excited I get to go to VBS this year…Remember after my surgery, I would just come for the singing and then leave because I hurt so bad?…Last year we were in the hospital, Mommy…Do you know I haven’t been to the whole VBS since I was 6?….I can’t believe I get to go to the whole VBS this year!” 
What an amazing day it has been – remembering everything we went through and knowing that with the support of praying friends and the presence of ‘the everlasting arms,’ we are now on the other side of that trial, experiencing a summer that every mother wants their child to have.
My heart is full of gratitude and thankfulness, and tonight I just want everyone to know that!
“Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise…”


  1. God is Good!

  2. Oh, this brought tears. What a sweet daughter you have to be so excited to be able to make it through the whole VBS. What a blessing! I’m so glad the year is behind you!

  3. This is such good news. Prayer is so powerful

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