Posted by: Jennifer | December 29, 2010



“Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast…”  Hebrews 6:19

Hope is a word that keeps coming to mind this Christmas season.  While out shopping for Christmas stocking hangers I came upon some beautiful ones at Target – some said “NOEL” and others “HOPE.”  I thought how appropriate the word HOPE would look in front of our manger scene and purchased it.  Just that one simple word was enough to get my mind off everything to be done and focus on Jesus, my Hope.

I came home and put up those stocking hangers, wrapped the presents and arranged them under the tree, and finished preparing the house for Christmas.  I felt so organized – there was even a hidden wrapping station with random small gifts for unexpected Christmas guests!  I had a dessert table already prepped, a turkey thawing, presents and cards for all our expected guests – it was a wonderful feeling, this feeling of organization and preparation.  And, I had the word HOPE to keep me focused.  It was going to be our most perfect Christmas day ever!

Then, my youngest came down with a fever—a fever that wouldn’t quit, it just kept going and going.  Her older sister followed and then, as usual, I was next.  The flu had hit our household with a vengeance.  My husband got on the phone and cancelled our Christmas dinner, we found a home for our turkey (none of us wanted to eat), and we settled in for what has so far been a 7-day hibernation. 

Tomorrow I will take all the decorations down – and move the family presents to a table for the day when we finally see our Christmas guests.  I believe this is the first Christmas that only four of us got to see all those carefully placed decorations.  But, it hasn’t all been misery.  Since returning to work this fall (hence the long lapse in blog posts), my one wish for Christmas was to spend vast amounts of time with my girls.  And, we’ve had plenty of that!  My youngest is an especially sweet little invalid and has let me cuddle and rock her more this week than ever before.  So, even though it’s been quiet and we’ve felt miserable, it has still been a special time. 

Reading Hebrews 6 this morning, I was reminded that we don’t place our hope in our plans, because plans can be severely altered.  We place them in the One who came, who loved us so much that He died for us.  We place our hope in The Hope, the anchor of our souls!



  1. Hi there Jennifer, You continue to amaze me. I am so sorry you all have been so sick, but you did not miss Christmas. Your Christmas may be delayed but you spent Christmas with your wonderful family and in Him. He will never leave you. What a special gift our Holy Spirit is to guide and comfort us in times like this. Joy to the World! The Lord is come. I enjoyed your Christmas music evening. Shirley, Marilyn, Emily and Ken and I were there to hear you all proclaim and it was beautiful. Much love, Linda Green and thank you for the blog.

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